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Be zen with our Ayurvedic consultant & esthetician, Sky. Her ancient skincare and body rituals will  improve the flow of energy,  dissolve facial tension & relax the body as a whole.

Pick Your Healing

Ancient rituals 


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don't go solo add it to any facial


Netra Basti *90min  150 * Both Eyes

Ayurvedic eye therapy . Soothe and calm the gateways to your soul "your Eyes" an eye bath in which organic wheat flour is made into a dough and shaped over the eyes to allow A warm ghee EYE BATH. REJUVENATES, CLEANS, RELAXES & RELIEVES TENSION. NOT ONLY DO THE EYES BENEFIT BUT THE ENTIRE FACE.

sky's the limit *50min  85

A limitless facial tailored to you! be cleansed in a cloud of steam with heavenly aromatherapy. simple extractions & an out of this world facial massage. 

the facelift Hippy *90min  180 *ULTRASONIC+Peel

a face lift that's in everyones price range ;) Lift, rejuvenate, contour & hydrate with this extra extensive face, neck & décolleté rub down.this holy grail of facials includes a deep custom exfoliation to boost even more collagen & elastin.

want even more boost? Add a micro current to your session! 



the stoned glow *90min  150 *ULTRASONIC

Gua sha Stone medicine! taking out the trash with this ancient Chinese facial ritual. moves stagnation, releases muscle tension, clears lymph & puffiness. hello cheekbones and good bye fine lines!!!!.all glowing vibes.

MARMA LOVE *90min  130

A calming and balancing facial & Ayurvedic massage that focuses on marma points to stimulate & ground energy in the mind & Body. Marma Therapy improves micro circulation that feeds the facial tissues and tones the muscles surrounding the vital energy points. This brings many visible benefits to your skin, complexion & body.                       

The Lymph Flow

Move that toxic stuff :)  

guasha me up*

Sculpt, Lift and detox :)


marmas *

acupressure love :)